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To solution the basic question that how to lose weight in simple words; you need to burn more calories than what you consume. Having said that, shedding weight is not as simple and easy as it appears to be. Not only does the process of dropping weight require the correct method to burn calories; but it also requires strong determination and patience to get the desired results. people often resort to various ways of losing weight such as; crazy diet plans, excessive exercise or at time pills and medication that promise to make you picture-perfect over night time. These are certainly not the best ways to lose weight as these methods may have the unfavorable impact on your health. ahead of, getting into the weight lose regime, you must fully grasp the basics of it. Here are some of the natural and easy ways to lose weight for a long time impact.

Lost Weight Fast

Calculate your BMR first: The first step of shedding weight is to understand your body metabolism and calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR). BMR is the minimal necessity of the body to perform the basic functions such as; breathing and digestive function. BMR is the required amount of calories that you need to consume on daily basis for healthy body. Below that you may have health issues, as your body will not get the energy to execute its day-to-day activities. Once you know the calorie count required for your body, you will also be aware how much of extra calorie that you have consumed.

Count your calorie intake: Pay attention to what you are consuming. Once you start counting calories, you know how much of excess calorie you need to burn. This will also help you check your junk food consumption. You need to burn approximately 3500 calories over and above what you burn for the duration of your daily activities, to lose one pound of weight. Try and keep yourself updated with the calorie count of various food goods. Some of the sinful indulgences are well known such as; Desserts, candies, alcohol and other junk food goods.

Eat healthy: Healthy diet is the key to good health. Control your diet and exchange the harmful junk food items with healthy food, to get vitamins and vitamins and minerals to give you energy and healthy dwelling. Cut down on oily food and bid-adieu to mindless munching. Consume plenty of liquid to keep your body toxin free and active.

Exercise: Exercise is the best way to lose weight and keep fit; but you don't need to shell out your entire day in the gym. Exercise for 15-20 minutes at least 3 days a week to start with. Exercise will help you burn calories and will also give to the rush of energy to feel fresh. Include exercise in your daily routine to keep fit forever.

physical activities: Apart from the exercise, you must also execute physical activities like walking, taking steps instead of lift or taking your dog out for a stroll. These activities will also help you burn the excess calories that you consume throughout the day. The logic is simple you need to balance the calorie consumption by burning it out. If you will let the calorie stay in your body, it will soon turn into fat to increase weight.

Lost Weight Fast